Unakoti – Tripura

Hindus are said to have as many deities that make it quite a task to remember all the names forget about visiting all these shrines. But a place in Tripura can help you in this. Unakoti in Tripura is an abode of as many as one less than one crore deities (which is also the literal meaning of the word Unakoti in Bengali).

About Unakoti Tripura:

The historic Shaiva pilgrimage spot, Unakoti is blessed with the natural environment, mountain scenery and waterfall apart from the murals with primitive beauty and beautiful rock carvings.

The rock-cut carvings and the stone images are a spectacular sight on the spot. Unakotishwara Kal Bhairava, the central Shiva head along with the gigantic Ganesha figures are the main attraction at the spot. The central head of Shiva is about 30 ft. high with an embroidered head-dress set at the top which itself is 10 ft. high.

Unakoti Tripura

Considering the fact that there are one less than one crore idols craved at the stones and walls of Unakoti, the description can go on.


The history of Unakoti is as old as 7th – 9th century and is built upon legends. According to the first legend, Lord Shiva along with one crore deities on their way to Kashi decided to rest at Unakoti at the condition of resuming their journey at the break of dawn. But as the dawn broke only Lord Shiva was awake, he left leaving the rest behind – cursed to turn into rocks.

While the other legend, famous among the locals says that a sculptor and potter Kullu Kumar was asked to sculpt one crore images of Shiva overnight as a condition for accompanying Parvati and Shiva to Kailasha. He made all but was unable to complete one before the dawn break and hence, was not taken along by the God and Goddess. The other version of the same story says that Kullu Kumar included his own sculpture among the one crore sculptures of deities (as he was instructed in his dream) which in turn reflected his arrogance.

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Unakoti Tripura
Unakoti Tripura


It is located at 178 km to the northeast from Agartala, 8 km to the east from Kailashar and 148 km to the southeast from Silchar. Dharmanagar Railway Station is the nearest railway station at the distance of 19.6 km. One can reach the spot within 30-40 minutes if one takes a cab from the station to the spot.


One ought to visit this place, not just because you are a follower of Hindu religion but also because this place is abundant with the beauty of all sorts – be it that of nature or art. This place is a must visit as it will soothe your eyes and calm your mind.

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