Top things to do in Vientiane

Considered to be as one of the largest cities of Laos and also its capital shares its border with Thailand. The city houses more than 783,000 people within its perimeter. That Luang, one of the most important structures of the nation and also a Laos symbol is the reason for the city getting famous and attractive. The city was founded in the 9th century. The city is considered as one of the major economic, cultural, commercial, tourism and educational centres of the country.

Top things to do

  • Patuxai, translated to as the Gate of Triumph or the Gate of Victory, was previously called as the Anosavari Monument. The gate is made of integrated concrete entirely and is owned by the government of Laos. The design of the gate is Laotian and has in scriptures of mythological creatures like a half female, half bird creature: the Kinnari. The gate is located in the Lang Xang Avenue. The monument has been dedicated to the hundreds of people that lost their lives in the second world war.

Patuxai, translated to as the Gate of Triumph

  • Ocean Park is a water park based on the theme of pirates. The water park houses a number of water rides, water slides, pools, garden areas, recreational spots, food courts, tubes, wave surges and lazy river ridings. The best time to visit the spot is on a hot summer day. Families with children and group of similar age people like friends or colleagues can have a lot of fun together at this place. There is also a lot of green space for people to sit and relax.

Ocean Park is a water park based on the theme of pirates

  • Wat Si Muang is a temple of the Buddhists in the city. The temple has an unusual form of architecture. It has been bifurcated into two rooms. The first room is very quiet where a monk sits to give blessings to the people visiting. The backside of the room has a huge altar which is the main altar. There are numerous images and statues of the Buddha. Some of the major attractions of the temple are the Golden Buddha, the Nirvana Buddha and many more. The temple has been structured on the remains of Khmer Empire Hindu Shrine.

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