Top 3 things to do at Baia do Sancho

Combining the elements of an island, a marine park and a beach, Baia does Sancho will leave you to spellbound with its mesmerizing views and dynamic cultural events. Divers from around the country come forward to interact with the amazing and rare species ranging from reef sharks, parrotfish, anemones, clownfish, hawksbill turtles and much more. Being one of the major attractions of the city and the country, the site is visited by people from all around the world and adding to the millions of visitors. It is located in the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. Pack your bags and visit the exotic lands of Baia do Sancho to experience an unimaginable journey full of fascination and surprises.

Top things to do

Scuba diving: Scuba diving is one of the must take activities if you are at the beach as it will let you interact with some of the rarest and beautiful species underwater of both flora and fauna including dense coral vegetation and reefs, and other animals including turtles, sharks, parrotfish, clownfish and many more. One of the trained professionals will accompany you throughout the trip and make sure you are safe. A diving helmet and a uniform will also be given to you beforehand.

Scuba diving Baia do Sancho
Scuba diving Baia do Sancho

Sunbathing:  Sunbathing at the beach is such an endearing and pleasant thing to indulge in. You will feel very relaxed with the view of the crystal-clear water and light sunshine falling on you and the sand making it glisten and shiny overall.

Sunbathing Baia do Sancho
Sunbathing Baia do Sancho

A gift shop: A gift shop is also located near the site which offers a number of unique and delicate showpieces, gift items, accessories, jewellery and other few items which will make a perfect gift for you to take back home for your friends or family or act as travel souvenir to keep to yourself as a memory from the trip.

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