Top 3 destinations in Nassau

Nassau: Housing almost 2,74,000 people, the city is the capital of the Bahamas and also acts as its commercial centre. The city also acts as a seat to the several judicial departments including the House of Assembly. The city was discovered in the year 1670. The main festival of the city is Junkanoo. A visit to this city is must if you are in the Bahamas.

Top 3 destinations

  • Pig Beach:  Pig Beach also referred to as the Pig Island and Big Major Cay. The island has been uninhabited for long. The name of the island comes from the population of the feral or colony pigs that reside on the island. It also houses three springs of freshwater with the aquatic species as well. There are almost 20 pigs as well as piglets housed in the island along with some stray goats and cats.

Pig Beach

  • Paradise Island: The Paradise Island is connected to the Nassau Harbour with the two bridges that also connect with New Providence island. The island is spread over an area of 685 acres. It is also called as the Hog Island. The sprawling resort of the island named Atlantis is the major attraction of the island which has a number of restaurants, a beach, pools, water rides, parks, casinos, picnic spots and aquariums too.

Paradise Island

  • Aquaventure:  Located in Paradise Island in the city of Nassau. The spot has 3 pools for kids, 20 areas for swimming, amazing water slides, a river ride which is almost a mile long, wave surges, 8 other pools for people and many more. The place is spread over an area of 141 acres and is a theme-based attraction. The spot also has a pool and also the Royal Baths, a white sand beach named Paradise Beach and a Mayan Temple which has six storeys.
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