Things to keep in mind at Ancient Thera

The city is bigger than you will expect. The route can be steep and will require careful driving. The city has a number of remains of the main city. A volcanic eruption caused the devastation of the city. The ruins of the city have been preserved very well for people to visit and look at. The site has given a lot of archaeological excavations which have been useful to be housed in some museums as well. The work of excavation of the site took place in the years ranging from 1990-1994.

Things to keep in mind at Ancient Thera

The city has now become open to the public. The city used to have harbours, shipyards, lodgings, seaports and much more. The buildings of the site have been constructed with the limestone available locally. Wood was not available on the island most of the times and thus, it was not used much for building and stuff. A necropolis also existed at the edge of Kamari which for now has been gone long. However, it existed as long as the city did. The antique city had an 800 metres long street and extended in the south-east direction. There were a number of imposing buildings as well. A rocky coast above a high plateau marks the further street of the city.

Things to keep in mind at Ancient Thera

Important tips

  • There is no dress code for the palace, casual and comfortable wear are recommended. Leave your high heels at home as sneakers are the best here. Bring your hand towel or tissue as kids might be sweating a lot. You can wear a comfortable pair of trousers and t-shirt as this place will want you to climb up the mountains. Boys can go for the same as well.
  • You can take a rented car to help you reach the site. A tour bus or a shuttle bus will also have their way up. You can also hail a taxi.

  • The way to ruins can be steep, always carry a water bottle with you as you might get thirsty.

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