The Magnificent insights of the Istana Abdeen

Istana Abdeen, also known as the Abdeen Palace is one of the most popular magnificent places to visit in the city of Cairo and also the country. Constructed in the year 1863, the palace houses a number of elegant objects which hold immense importance in the history and the culture of Egypt. The museum is astonishingly marked with amusing Turkish, French, Oriental, and Italian decorations and designs along with beautiful and rare paintings. With a huge number of furniture made of gold and decorated gloriously, embrace yourselves to one of the most culture-rich and architectural rich museums in the world at the Istana Abdeen. Istana Abdeen is one of the most important museums in the country. It also counts as one of the official residences of the President of the country as well as his workplace.


The museum has been built on the site of a mansion and is considered to be one of the most sumptuous palaces in the entire world in terms of its paintings, parlours, wings, clocks, ornaments, silverware furniture, and much more. In today’s date, the palace is a collection of various museums housed in the different rooms of the palace which make a great attraction for the people of the country as well as international tourists.

Tips to keep in check:

  • Do not touch the exhibits in the museums.

  • Carry a water bottle.

  • Do not get hold of any items, especially weapons as they may harm you.

  • Cameras and mobile phones are not allowed.

  • Do not take any eatables inside the palace.


How to get around?

Metros work the best. You can also use carriages. If you have a private transport, parking is provided. Inside the museum, you can walk on foot. You can take guided tours for a better experience.

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