Spend a day of fun at Santa Barbara Zoological Park

Discover adventure and thrill with a unique experience with more than thousands of wild and ferocious creatures from every continent! Santa Barbara Zoo welcomes you with its open heart. Santa Barbara Zoo is a zoo cum park where age does not exist! Run like a cheetah, climb like a lemur, swing like a monkey, sneak like a tiger, relax like a seal, eat like an elephant, and view the world through the eyes of an owl. Beastly enjoyment is in everyone, including you too! So don’t get late to book the tickets for this spectacular Santa Barbara Zoological Park. Enclose yourself with lush greenery, exotic flora, blooming plants, blossoming flowers and native wildlife far away from the urban cityscape.

Santa Barbara Zoological Park

You will find the real gems of the wild world in the Santa Barbara Zoo. Come and interact face to face with animals from all around the world! Get close and personal with the flock and amazing animals with spectacular sites. It allows you to feed flamingos, celebrate animal conservation and spectacular zoo boo fun. Opened in the year 1963, it will enable a walk on the wild side of the park highlighting the deadliest and ferocious animals.

Exhibitions at the Santa Barbara Zoo:

With varied flora and fauna, it highlights a diverse species of wild animals ranging from Amur Tiger to Alaskan Brown Bear. It highlights over six hundred wildlife in over one hundred in sixty species of animals. Spot leopards, rhinos and lions lurking among the rolling grassland of the park. The dry and hot surroundings may not be hospitable for all species, but it is the home for some mysterious and beautiful creatures. Santa Barbara exhibits a vast range of wild creatures from flamingos to camels and videos beast to tigers. It homes many ferocious animals including giraffe, bongos, African elephants, Anubis baboons, lesser Pandas, metro Pelicans, Ostriches, Buffalos, black Rhinoceroses, and lions. Opened in 2003 on a hillside, the ‘Cates of Africa’ exhibits black-footed cats and African lions at the top of the slope. Spot the birds across the world as they spar all around the Zoo.

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Santa Barbara Zoological Park

The ‘Forest Edge’ homes two male western lowland gorillas visible through a walled glass area. ‘California Trails’ is famous for California condors, bald eagles, desert tortoise, and Channel Island Fox. The vast area of the zoo also highlights innocent and beautiful aerial creatures which come from warm climates of Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America offering an extravaganza experience of smooth and showy feathers with explosive colour and astonishing antics.

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