How to Travel to Your “Dream Destination” in a Budget


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For some people travelling connects and rejuvenates their soul and if travelling to “that one” destination has always been your “midnight dream” then you should consider it once again! After all who wouldn’t want to escape from the urban heat, diving into serenity and perfectly attaining some peace of mind! The foremost step to travel on a budget would be to make one! And a proper plan will definitely help you in saving that extra penny. You should question yourself on how to budget your food, accommodation and other travelling expenses. Planning everything in advance will make your travel a lot easier and budget friendly.

So, now if you are ready to finally go for your bucket list, let’s start and make your travel a lifelong memory!


Tip: Try to avoid planning a trip on the peak time of your destination as it will not only cost you more but also most of the destinations remain crowded at the peak time. It is always better to travel either during starting or ending of the season.

Accommodation :

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If your list has multiple cities and hotels for you just mean staying overnight, you can also check eco huts, hostels and homestays as they are economical and perfect for backpackers and solo travellers. You can also stay for free by living in localities! There are many websites which offer you to stay with localities and experience their culture. Tip: Before choosing your place of accommodation, do read the reviews and ratings of the place. Also if you choose to stay with a local do not forget to verify the details before you step in. You would never want to compromise your safety and privacy for cheap rates.

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Food :

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EAT LOCAL: Yes this is the utmost advice to save costs on food! As it is said “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do” The local food will always cost you a lot lesser as the ingredients are easily available and it gives you the insights of one’s culture as well. Also keep a track of local markets away from tourist attractions as the markets around tourist places make a larger hole in the vessel. You can also check for the hotel while planning your accommodation which includes breakfast or other meals too.

Keeping all of these in mind you can easily plan a budget for your food.

Other Travelling Expenses :

If you well-plan your travel budget, you can actually enjoy your trip without worrying about the expenses. Try to stick to your budget for avoiding after travel regrets. You can also cut costs on your transportations. If you are travelling overseas it is always advisable to book your tickets in advance i.e. 1, 2 months or more prior to your travel. Flight tickets booked in advance will always be cheaper when compared to random ones. Also, use a third party app to view all the available flights so that you can bargain yourself a good deal. While travelling local you should check all the available options for your transport. Public transports are way cheaper than private cabs.

Many tours and travel companies often offer amazing deals according to your need and budget. It is always advisable to check those too before you head out!

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A Word From A Traveller :

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“A positive attitude can really make dreams come true”

Hope the article has motivated you enough to finally conquer your dream destination. Time to buckle up, start budgeting and enjoy the moment of your life solo or with your loved ones!

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