Embrace the beauty of the magical Cairo Tower

Located in the Zamalek district, the Cairo Tower is one of the most important landmarks of the city. The Cairo Tower is one of the must-visit attractions because of its infamous observation decks, legendary nightclubs and delightful restaurants, cafes, lounges, and bars. With fantastic views and beautiful interiors, gorgeous restaurants and delicious cuisines, embrace some of the best moments in the city at the Cairo Tower with your family and friends and enjoy the mesmerising views. It is actually a free-standing tower made of concrete located in the heart of the city. With the height of about 614 feet, the Cairo Tower is the tallest structures in the country as well as in North Africa from the past 50 years. The main attraction of the tower is the observation deck and the restaurants which are inhibited in the tower with fascinating views and food. There are 90 floors inside the Cairo Tower.

Highlights :

  • The observation deck at the Cairo Tower is the best part of all the attractions of the tower. The observation deck has a number of telescopes within its premises and offers panoramic views of the city with all the lights gleaming and making the city look like a dreamy, blanket of stars at the night. The views are extraordinary and will make your heart skip a beat with the magical feel of the lights from the views over the city.


  • The Sky Window Café has window seats which offer great views of the city during the day as well as the night. The café serves a wide range of beverages both hot and cold. The basic menu of the café covers light snack food items which basically include various types of sandwiches and salads which make a great starter for people to catch up during the time of breakfast or brunch for a quick bite.
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