Busch Garden: a garden class apart in Tampa

Located in the city of Tampa, Busch Garden attracts millions of gaggles every year. The extensive collection of roller coasters makes this garden the “leader of thrill ride” in Florida. The world-class shows and events provide full entertainment for all ages. The garden homes more than twelve thousand animals. Busch Garden allows you to experience the thrilled adventurous rides along with its tropical landscape, amusements, and exotic animals. The garden features eight roller coasters and two water rides which make it the best destination spot to enjoy with friends and family. The shops, sports, and attractions provide plenty of entertainment. It is designed with the beautiful African theme to enhance the visiting experience. Comprising over twelve thousand animals, the Busch Garden is the largest zoo in North America.

Tips to take not:

  • Tampa offers several modes to travel around the city. You can reach the Busch Garden by car, streetcar, bus, and trolley. Rental cars are convenient for visitors to tour. You can also go from the coach. Busch Belvedere 33 Street is the nearest bus station on four minutes walking distance from Busch Garden. However, Trolley is readily available at lower fares. You can get this only on weekdays, i.e., Monday to Friday, from 6:00 am to 9:00 am and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Busch Garden

  • Prefer to wear light and comfortable fabric. Cotton leggings and tees offer leisure in summer months. Wear comfortable shoes as you need to walk a lot in the park. In addition to this, you can include a floppy hat, a pair of sunglasses and hand tissues to wipe sweat. You may carry a light raincoat in handy for water rides. Layers are must pack if you are planning to visit in the winter months.
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Busch Garden

  • Avoid visiting the park during the school holidays. Prefer to carry a light raincoat in handy for water rides. You are not allowed to take outside food items and drinks. However, you can bring your water bottle and refill it at drinking fountains. The park prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages. You are recommended to re-apply the sunscreen lotion on your skin to prevent sunburn and tanning.

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