Best outdoor locations in Hangzhou

Hangzhou: Hangzhou was formerly known as Hangchow. It is the capital and one of the most populous cities of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China. It has a lot of attractions to admire which are known for its historic values and natural beauty. It is one of the most beautiful cities in China and also ranked amongst the most scenic cities of China. Tourism is one of the most important factors for Hangzhou’s economy. It is an emerging technology hub and a house of the e-commerce website Alibaba.

Best outdoor locations

West Lake: West Lake is one of the freshwater lakes in Hangzhou, China. It is one of the top scenic areas of China. It is divided into three sections and three causeways. It is embraced from all side by mountains. It is one of the most famous attractions in Hangzhou city. Its other attractions include the Yue Fei temple, the Lingyin temple, Long Jing, the Jingci Temple, the tomb of Su Xiao Xiao, Gallopin Tiger Spring and the west lake museum. It also has a flower pond, a lotus pool etc.

West Lake Hangzhou

Hello Kitty park: Hello Kitty park offers amazing and a lot of opportunities for fun. It is a theme park with the infamous Kitty as its theme. It also offers a lot of rides, food stalls, market stalls and much more. A lot of events are also conducted here. The energy of this place is more than a reason to be here and drag yourself here every time you visit China. It also has a lot of games to indulge with. It is a family place with its doors open for all.

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Hello Kitty park
Hello Kitty park

Taiziwan Park: Taiziwan Park is another beautiful destination to go to if you are in this city of China. You will love the colourful scenery this place has to show. A lot of flowers in a lot of colours. There is also a lake, amazing vegetation and trees with beautiful birds. It is a great family place to go to if you wish to spend some quality time and get a little closer to nature. This will be one of the places that will greet you with the most pleasant sites.

Taiziwan Park
Taiziwan Park


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