An Opera House in the Centre of Cairo City

Housed in a magnificent building, the Cairo Opera House is a massive structure reflecting the finest example of the architecture and the design of the Egyptian architectures. With outstanding facilities and a great venue for music and art live performances, the Cairo Opera House is a building one of a kind in the city. Encounter music, art, energy, and beauty all under one roof with the elegant interiors and extraordinary facilities which make the opera house of Cairo a perfect venue for world-class performances. Inaugurated in the year 1998 in the month of October, the Cairo Opera House is actually a considerate part of the National Cultural Centre of Cairo which is one of the main venues for live performing arts in the Egyptian capital.

Mail hall of Cairo Opera House
Mail hall of Cairo Opera House

The opera house has been home to some of the finest musical groups of the country and it locates itself on the southern portion of the island Gezira in the river Nile near downtown Cairo in the district nearby, Zamalek. The opera house can hold up to 1200 people almost. There are 7 theatres, an art gallery, a museum, and a music library housed within the premises of the complex of the Cairo Opera House.

art gallery in Cairo Opera House
art gallery in Cairo Opera House

Tips to keep in mind for Cairo:

  • If you wish to attend any of the events or performances at the opera house, you can look for the schedule on their official website. Usually, the performances begin at 8 pm in e evening. For general visits, the timings are 9 am to 8 pm.

  • Book the tickets before time as the schedule gets quite busy at the end and tickets may get out of stock. Make sure you do not disturb any exhibits or objects. Do not write or scribble anything on the walls.

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