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About Tour Travel Story

Welcome to our website http://TourTravelStory.com page about us.

Happy to share that we are a group of folks who are in the field of Information Technology, Finance, Journalism, Healthcare, Education and Marketing, but share one common hobby that is the ‘Travel’.

Being passionate about the travel we love to explore a new place, to hang out in cool cafe’s and love to enjoy music in a friendly location.
Life has no time for us to look at yourself, to listen to our inner voice, to dance how we would like to when we are happy. So keeping in mind that this will always be the same position until we will not jump out of this scenario.

So we came out of this common life scenario and look out for the opportunity to share happiness, to help others, to be part of someone’s life in trouble, to be free to say cheers on weekend and we find this all happening when you are in ‘On Mode’ of Travel. Travel gives you all goosebumps of life to explore, to learn, to Live Life at your pace.

So this is the platform to share all possible aspects of travel which help users to explore and get real information about the place they want to visit.