A Bird’s-Eye View of the beautiful city of Nainital.

Want to get rid of all the urban clamor and pollution? Nainital is the destination for you. The peace and quiet of this very scenic beauty will surely give you thoughts of residing in its lap forever. Be it summers, winters, autumn or spring, this place has much in its backyard for each and every weather.

Although the list has no end but 5 places you must visit on your next trip to Nainital:

1. The Nainital Lake : 

A sight of beautiful Naini Lake from one end of it to the horizon.

    Visited Nainital, and not the Naini Lake? Impossible!!!.  Situated amidst the township of Nainital this very panoramic site alone offers you much to do, for example: boating , adventure sports, etc. The lake shore is surely the best place in Nainital to click some breathtaking shots and bidding goodbye to the setting sun. Nainital is basically divided into two parts i.e. Tallital and Mallital and the Naini Lake separates these two. The Mall Road is the sole path which connects Tallital and Mallital. 

2. Naina Devi Temple :

Alluring picture of Naina Devi temple with its reflection on the Naini Lake. (Pic Credit- Mr. Saurabh Sajwan)

Well, it can’t get any better than starting to explore this Heaven On Earth by paying a visit to a very pious shrine namely, Naina Devi Temple. As per Hindu mythology, the temple marks the spot where Goddess Naina Devi’s eye fell on the earth, after Lord Shiva carried her charred remains, taking them out of the fire of the yagna performed by her father – Daksha.  Standing at one end of the Naini Lake, this pious sanctorium is very well known for attracting devotees from every corner of the state and the neighboring states as well. 

3. Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo :

 nainital zoo

A view of the Nainital Zoo with its main attractions.At 2100 mts. above the sea level spread over an area of 4.5 hectares is located the very eminent Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo.  The zoo is popularly known to be a resident to species of many Himalayan and other animals like Himalayan bear, Tibetan Wolves, Royal Bengal Tiger, etc. The place has also got a vast collection of birds sheltering in higher altitudes. The road leading to the zoo is steep but motorable. The Zoo is at a  2 km distance from the Tallital Bus Station.

4. Eco Cave Gardens :

Eco Cave Gardens
A view of the Eco Cave Gardens.

In recent times one place that has emerged to be one of the most visited sites of Nainital from a traveler’s point of view is Eco Cave Gardens. Situated in the Sukhatal, Mallital area of the Nainital city, this picturesque spot offers the tourists a sight of Himalayan fauna through various animal caves. Some of its’s most famous attractions are  Tiger Cave, Panther Cave, Squirrel Cave, Flying Fox Cave, Bats Cave, etc. This place becomes a must visit when it comes to Educational Trips.

5. The Mall Road :

Mall Road
Perfect place for a quick walk, The Mall Road.

Built during the British Colonial rule, the Mall Road is one of the finest attractions of Nainital. Call it a shopaholic’s paradise or a Zion to a lover of peaceful walks by the lake amongst the pleasant breezes, the Mall Road has it all in its store.

With restaurants and shopping stores on one side and the beautiful Naini lake on the other, the beauty of the place gets enhanced with the evergreen weather of  Nainital. 

 Above were the top 5 places you must visit in Nainital.  Apart from these, there are other marvelous places like Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary if you are a lover of bird watching,

Tiffin Top in order to get a scenic view of the city and the Himalayas or you can take a ride on the ropeway to actually fly over and among all the attractions of the Nainital City.

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